There’s a difference between being happy and not being sad

We live in a moment where many issues are being brought up like never before. This illustrates a great deal of development in the minds of our society. People have been talking about self acceptance, a great and necessary matter that should be encouraged to every single one of us. But with the increase of these discussions, one particular fact seems to be put aside from people’s perspectives, and that is meaning.

Even though I strongly agree that it is okay to be who you are, I don’t hear people talking enough about who they really want to be. Although that is not a simple question to answer, it is important to bring that up way more often than we usually do. We grow up with many check points in life that have already been established for us by past generations.
Everyone is talking about how you should go to college, pick a major and build a 30+ year career in a specific field which you need to choose when you are about to embark on the most challenging and changing moment of your life.
The pressure of meeting someone, get married, build a family and dedicate your life to the next generation’s well-being.
The day-to-day struggle with social networks, living the lives of other people while you are standing in a place you don’t really want to be.

All of these lifestyles might be very pleasant for many people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. But what if you don’t fit to one or maybe even all of these patterns? What are you supposed to do? How do you find meaning to who you really want to become in life?

We are used to just doing things (and we are great at it). We become machines that just follow pre-determined paths and never stop to think about what we are really doing. We need to find significance to what we do. Everyone needs their income on the end of the month, everyone has bills to pay, everyone gets accommodated in bad relationships, no one has time to do anything else in their very busy routine. But are we even trying?

I believe we are too comfortable on the surface and we are afraid to dive a little bit. Just to see what might be down there, what thrives us, what makes us glad and satisfied. We should be talking to each other about that.
Asking someone what do they do that fulfills them, and if nothing, ask why, and what are they doing to get that into their lives? What kind of people do they have in their social circles and what do they really add to them? Do they make them any good?
If we discussed this more, it would make it easier for all of us to find meaning to what we do, and to help others find it themselves. There is a big difference between being happy and not being sad. We can’t always spend 5 days longing for 2 that will make it worth it. That is way too many days being wasted. We could be enjoying ourselves now, maybe more than we think we are.

Is the pursuit of meaning that triggers you to become what your inner you not only wants, but actually needs. And if we spread this, and talk about it, we will guide ourselves into much pleasing lives.

The world is moved by people who dig a little bit more into themselves.

Why don’t we all?

a life newcomer.

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